Dr Paul Pienaar

Welcome to Dr Paul Pienaar

Dr Paul Pienaar is a registered Plastic Surgeon specialising in Cosmetic Surgery. As one of South Africa’s leading Plastic Surgeons, he is known for the detailed nature of his work, his penchant for perfection, unsurpassed talent as well as his sensitivity and awareness to his patient’s needs.Through continued dedication and research, he stays on top of global trends, offering patients the latest procedures, using only the best state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Thanks to the many advances of modern technology he is also able to offer patients Cosmetic Surgery and procedures at an affordable cost. (FHF Financing is also available)

Dr Paul Pienaar follows a patient-centric approach with his beliefs firmly grounded in simplicity, logic and reliability. He garners a sensitive approach towards his patients while also offering honest and objective opinions, advice and guidance to ensure the best outcome for the patient.He is revered in the industry as he is able to complete certain surgical procedures under local anaesthetic, eliminating the stress, time and cost involved with General Anaesthetic.

His procedures include Breast Aesthetics, Facial Rejuvenation, Contour Surgery as well as Non-surgical procedures. Read more


Brooklyn life Hospital suite 8
154 Olivierstreet


Monday – Thursday 07 : 30am  – 16 : 30pm
Friday 07 : 00am – 12 : 00pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday
Phone: +2712 346 4303
Cell: +2712 346 7717


Mini facelift                                                                            Breast Lift /Mastopexy procedure
Facelift                                                                                    Liposuction
Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift                                                Labiaplasty
Lip Augmentation with fillers                                             Tummy Tuck
Otoplasty                                                                               Botulinum Toxin / Botox
Breast Reduction                                                                 Fillers
Breast Augmentation/ Breast Enlargement                    Dermapen